Listings in Somerset

Somerset, a picturesque county in South West England, unveils a landscape of rolling hills, historic towns, and serene countryside. Bath, a UNESCO World Heritage city, is renowned for its elegant Georgian architecture and the Roman Baths. The iconic Royal Crescent and Bath Abbey contribute to the city's timeless charm. Wells, England's smallest city, is home to the stunning Wells Cathedral and the Bishop's Palace with its tranquil gardens. The medieval city of Glastonbury, shrouded in myth and legend, boasts Glastonbury Tor and the Abbey, creating a spiritual ambiance. The Quantock Hills, designated as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, offer sweeping vistas and charming villages like Nether Stowey. Exmoor National Park, spanning across Somerset and Devon, provides a haven for hikers, nature lovers, and stargazers. Charming market towns like Taunton and Bridgwater reflect Somerset's agricultural heritage, while the West Somerset Railway, the longest heritage railway in England, offers a nostalgic journey through the countryside. The Somerset Levels, a wetland area, host a diverse array of flora and fauna, including iconic Somerset cows. Cheddar Gorge, with its dramatic limestone cliffs and caves, adds an element of adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. The coastal beauty of Somerset is revealed in towns like Minehead and Weston-super-Mare, where sandy beaches and seaside promenades invite relaxation and family-friendly activities. Somerset's cultural scene is enriched by events like the Glastonbury Festival, a world-famous music and arts extravaganza. The county's warm hospitality is evident in its traditional inns and local pubs, offering a taste of Somerset cider and regional delicacies. In every corner of Somerset, a blend of natural beauty, historic treasures, and welcoming communities creates an inviting tapestry that beckons visitors to savor the essence of this charming English county.